2016.06.20 - Lietuvos Energija Group published its Corporate Responsibility Report

Lietuvos Energija Group, one of the largest energy companies in the Baltic States published its Corporate Responsibility Report in which the Group presented the principles of responsible business and corporate management the Company has been implementing in the daily activities in 2015. This practice will now be maintained every year – the public will be presented consolidated reports of Corporate Responsibility of the entire state-managed Group.

2016.05.31 - Better performance results – lower prices for customers of Lietuvos energija

Lietuvos energija, a state-managed group of energy companies that demonstrated record performance results last year, this year is raising the bar even higher – an even higher profit earned in Q1, 2016, increase in revenues, in addition to enhancing efficiency and decreasing costs. This year has brought for the customers even lower natural gas and electric energy prices.

2016.02.26 - Halfway to its strategy targets, Lietuvos energija reports revenues above EUR 1 billion
In 2015, a State-managed group of companies Lietuvos energija successfully completed the most important project of the year – improved its value chain and thus ensured a higher quality of services and customer servicing. The Group managed to strengthen its position in the changing market, and is further enhancing its operational efficiency, implementing its major development projects thus ensuring lower energy and services prices for Lithuanian businesses and residents.
2015.05.31 - Lietuvos energija launches the first Innovation Fund in the Baltic countries

Lietuvos energija Group of state-controlled companies, by implementing its strategy and fostering innovations, initiates the establishment of a venture capital fund. The new fund will finance starters in the energy field. Up to EUR 1 million is planned to be invested into the selected best projects every year.

2013.12.04 - Newly established company will provide ICT services for the companies operating in the energy sector

04-12-2013. New company UAB Technologijų ir inovacijų centras (TIC) was registered in the Register of Legal Entities. The date it was registered is the 4th December, 2013. On that date company’s statute came into force. Legal entity code is 303200016, VAT payer code is LT100008194913. Office address is A.Juozapavičiaus str. 13, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2013.11.04 - Regarding company's name change

The shareholders of the company at the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders which was held on 25 October 2013, adopted decision to change UAB Technologijų ir inovacijų centras business name to UAB Duomenų logistikos centras.